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March Madness 2020 (What Could Have Been) Midwest Region: First Round (Part 2)

As I’m writing this on a Friday night, it’s finally settling in that sports are going to be gone for a long time. I really hope that the BIG3 reality thing actually works and could give me the basketball and sports I desperately need as there’s no way that I should be getting ready for College Football in mid-March.

The “Coasts” Conference Tournament Previews and Predictions

Finally, the major conference tournaments have begun! All of these three conferences are on the coasts, so that’s why they’re in the same post. The ACC, SEC, and Pac-12 are all extremely entertaining and will get you into the mood for some championship basketball if you somehow aren’t in that mood yet! Worried about the corona virus?! Stay inside and watch college basketball and stay away from this terrible disease! Let’s get into the predictions and previews.

The Blue Bloods Part 1: March Madness Preview Series

March Madness is traditionally dominated by the “bluebloods” or the teams that win year after year. Those teams are Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Villanova, UNC, Louisville, MSU, and Gonzaga. Rarely is there a year without at least one of these eight teams in the Final Four. With a crazy year filled with upsets, will some of these bluebloods be upset in March. Let’s look at the first half of the bluebloods.