NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (Part 1)

The only source of sports for anyone in this trying time will be the NFL Draft coming up shortly. All though not a big fan of the NFL personally as the Lions have sucked that enjoyment out of me, I’m all in on the draft as I’m an avid college football fan. With a stacked WR class and an always good QB position group, this might be the most watched NFL draft ever, but what will Roger Goodell do without his hugs with the league’s new stars? Maybe not being booed into oblivion would be a good replacement. To the picks!

#1 Cincinnati Bengals- Joe Burrow QB, LSU

The other Tiger King, Joe Burrow seems all but a lock to go first overall in this years NFL draft ending the Andy Dalton Era in Cincinnati. Being drafted by his hometown team, in Ohio, first overall, looking to save a dreadful franchise, he mirrors how LeBron James was drafted in 2003. This of course means Burrow will put up great performances, the Bengals won’t do anything to help him, he will alienate his hometown and his jerseys will be burned as he takes his talents to South Beach, wins some Super Bowls only to come back and bring a championship to Cleveland, I mean Cincinnati.

#2 Washington Redskins- Chase Young DE, Ohio State

Chase Young will 100% be the first non-QB off the board barring a Laremy Tunsil-gas mask bong video leaking out just before the draft. This wouldn’t be a crazy shock as he went to Ohio State, a university nearly as famous for its crimes against humanity and NCAA violations as its academic success. Other than hypothetical character issues, Chase Young is an absolute animal and the next in a line of dominant OSU defensive ends, following in the Bosa brother’s successes.

#3 Los Angeles Chargers- Tua Tagovailoa QB, Alabama

In our first mock draft trade, I have the Lions trading down to pick #6 and the Chargers leaping over Miami to get the best player in the draft, Tua Tagovailoa. I’ve been a huge fan of Tua since his coming out party after replacing Jalen Hurts in the National Title Game. While the Chargers say that they are comfortable starting Tyrod Taylor, who are they kidding… they’re going to have to take a QB, and I think that the jump from either 6 to 2 or 3, will be worth the jump from Tua to Herbert. 

#4 New York Giants- Tristian Wirfs OT, Iowa

Going to school there are a lot of Giants fans that I get to commiserate with as both of our teams are losing seemingly every Sunday. Last year I was legitimately rolling on the floor laughing as the Giants seemingly reached for Danny Dimes at pick #6, but that turned out to be a great pick. So, now that Eli’s heir-apparent has been found, you must protect him, and Wirfs is a great offensive lineman to protect Jones and give Saquon Barkley a chance running the ball this season. 

#5 Miami Dolphins- Justin Herbert QB, Oregon

After slamming their coffee tables and screaming over their team zoom meeting, the Miami Dolphins will go for Justin Herbert. I really think they should wait for next year’s prized possession in Trevor Lawrence and go another year with Rosen/Fitzpatrick, but I think they will go for Herbert. Justin was a victim of a rare occurrence, the draft stock regression by returning to Oregon last year. I don’t have much positive to say about Herbert, but he looked to be a good running QB the 2020 Rose Bowl vs. Wisconsin, but apparently that was one of the only times he ran so go figure. With a completely retooled roster, the Dolphins could make some real noise next season in a weakened AFC East.

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