Meet the Founder

Welcome to Great Takes in the Great Lakes, a sports blog dedicated to covering teams primarily located within the Great Lakes region,” founded by me, Blake Stackpoole.

I was born into a family that loves sports, Detroit sports and the University of Michigan athletics have been an integral part of my life. Ranking my teams in order of my love for them would be the Wolverines, Pistons, Red Wings, Lions, then Tigers.

My childhood was spent going to almost every Michigan football home game from 2005 up until I want to college in 2018, with my grandpa and my mother. Our seats were in section 44 and that cold blue bleacher was where some of my best, and worst moments of my life took place. Additionally, I went to a majority of the Michigan bowl games and most major games witnessing my fair share of losses, especially that Appalachian State game.

The Palace of Auburn Hills was another time where I spent numerous afternoons and nights at. The shrieks of Pistons PA announcer Mason introducing the Goin’ to Work Pistons and yelling “DEEEETROIT BASKETTTTBALLLLL” are memories I cherish. After going to many of the games and following the team through Elementary and Middle School, I became a super fan. Sneaking out of bed and down the stairs to watch the end of Pistons games on school nights, trying to not get caught by my mom or sister to watch the Pistons go to work with my dad. I became so invested that when Ben Wallace left the Pistons for the Chicago Bulls in free agency I burst into tears and locked myself into my room, for what seemed like days.

The Joe Louis Arena was another location of a majority of my sports memories, with the Red Wings being one of the greatest dynasties in the history of sports. Thanks to my cousin Taft and my uncle Jeff, we had seats on the glass in row zero. We went to many, many wins and even a few playoff games. I remember being in my living room when Chris Osgood saved a last second shot from the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup for the Red Wings. Of course, the year after I remember crying as well when Sydney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin ripped my and the rest of Detroit’s hearts beating the Red Wings in seven games.

Finally, there were the Tigers and Lions games me and my family went too but we weren’t that big of Lions fans, but the Tigers were a better team and thanks to the spending of Mike Illich, the Tigers were a great team. The Tigers couldn’t ever win a World Series, but they went deep into the playoffs many times. I remember going to a playoff game where the Yankees featuring C.C. Sabathia and noted cheater Alex Rodriguez who we booed relentlessly.

Now of course Detroit is in a state of total failure as every professional sports team is in the lottery for each of their respective sports, and both Michigan college football teams are non-contenders. I have faith that we will once again see the glory of Detroit as the city of champions it once was. Go Blue, Go Pistons, Go Tigers, Go Lions, and Let’s Go Wings.

Finally, J.T. was short.

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